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Canon BP-2L12 BP-2L13 BP-2L14 Li-Ion Rechargeable Camcorder Battery Canon BP-2L12 BP-2L13 BP-2L14 Li-Ion Rechargeable Camcorder Battery

Price: $18.66
Canon BP-2L5, NB-2L, NB-2LH Li-Ion Rechargeable Camcorder Battery Canon BP-2L5, NB-2L, NB-2LH Li-Ion Rechargeable Camcorder Battery

Price: $18.66
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2 x NP-FV100 Batteries + 1 x NP-FV100 Charger For Sony Camcorder DCR-SR58
Panasonic VW-VBX070 VW-VBX070-W VW-VBX070GK Camcorder Battery Replacement
Replacement for Panasonic VW-VBL090 VW-VBL090GK VW-VBL090PPK Battery
New Li-ion Panasonic VW-VBK360 VW-VBK360-K VW-VBK360GK VW-VBL360 Battery Replacement
New Li-ion Panasonic VW-VBK180 VW-VBK180-K VW-VBK180GK Battery Replacement
Panasonic VW-VBL090, VW-VBL090GK, VW-VBL090PPK, VW-VBL360 replacement Camcorder Battery Pack
Panasonic VW-VBK360, VW-VBK360-K, VW-VBK360GK Camcorder replacement Battery Pack
Panasonic VW-VBK180, VW-VBK180-K, VW-VBK180GK Camcorder replacement Battery Pack
Panasonic VW-VBN260 VW-VBN260-K VW-VBN260GK Camcorder Battery Replacement
New Li-ion Panasonic VW-VBN130 VW-VBN130-K VW-VBN130GK Battery
Panasonic VW-VBN130 VW-VBN130-K VW-VBN130GK Camcorder Battery Replacement
New Li-ion Panasonic VW-VBG130GK VW-VBG260GK VW-VBG260PP1 Battery
Panasonic NV-GS37 NV-GS37E-S NV-GS37EB-S NV-GS37EG-S NV-GS38GK NV-GS40 NV-GS40B NV-GS44 Battery
Battery For Panasonic NV-GS28GK NV-GS30 NV-GS30B NV-GS33 NV-GS33EG-S NV-GS35 NV-GS35E-S
Battery For Panasonic NV-GS26GK NV-GS26GK-S NV-GS27 NV-GS27E-S NV-GS27EB-S NV-GS27EF-S NV-GS27EG-S
Panasonic NV-GS17 NV-GS17E-S NV-GS17EF-S NV-GS21 NV-GS21E-S NV-GS22 NV-GS22EG-A NV-GS22EG-S Battery
Battery For Panasonic NV-MX500A NV-GS10 NV-GS10B NV-GS10EG NV-GS10EG-A NV-GS10EG-R NV-GS10EG-S
JVC GR-D, GY-HM, GZ-HD, GZ-HM, GZ-MG, GZ-MS Series Camcorder Battery for BN-VF815
JVC GS-TD1BUS Camcorder Battery for BN-VF815 BN-VF815U BN-VF823 BN-VF823U
Panasonic NV-GS PV-GS SDR-H VDR-D VDR-M Series Camcorder Battery for CGA-DU07 CGA-DU07A/1B
Panasonic NV-MX500A Camcorder Battery for CGA-DU06 CGA-DU06A/1B CGR-DU06 CGA-DU14 CGA-DU14A
Replacement for Sony NP-FM30 NP-FM50 NP-FM51 NP-QM50 NP-QM51 Battery
Sony HDR-XR500V, HDR-XR500VE, HDR-XR520E, HDR-XR520V, HDR-XR520VE Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-XR100, HDR-XR100E, HDR-XR200E, HDR-XR200V, HDR-XR200VE, HDR-XR500E Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-UX5, HDR-UX5E, HDR-UX7, HDR-UX7E, HDR-UX9E Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-UX10, HDR-UX19E, HDR-UX20, HDR-UX20/E, HDR-UX3E Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-SR5E, HDR-SR7, HDR-SR7E, HDR-SR8, HDR-SR8E Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-SR11E, HDR-SR12, HDR-SR12/E, HDR-SR12E, HDR-SR5, HDR-SR5C Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-SR10, HDR-SR10/E, HDR-SR10D, HDR-SR10E, HDR-SR11, HDR-SR11/E Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-HC7, HDR-HC7E, HDR-HC9, HDR-HC9/E, HDR-HC9E Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-HC3, HDR-HC3E, HDR-HC3HK1, HDR-HC5, HDR-HC5E Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-CX520VE, HDR-CX6, HDR-CX6EK, HDR-CX7, HDR-CX7K/E Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-CX12E, HDR-CX300, HDR-CX500, HDR-CX500V, HDR-CX520, HDR-CX520V Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony HDR-CX100, HDR-CX100E, HDR-CX105E, HDR-CX106E, HDR-CX11E, HDR-CX12 Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony DCR-SR80, DCR-SR80E, DCR-SR82, DCR-SR82C, DCR-SR82E, DCR-SR85, DCR-SR90E Battery 3900mAh
Sony DCR-SR60E, DCR-SR62, DCR-SR62E, DCR-SR65, DCR-SR70E, DCR-SR72E, DCR-SR75E Battery 3900mAh
Sony DCR-SR47E, DCR-SR50, DCR-SR50E, DCR-SR52E, DCR-SR55E, DCR-SR60 Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony DCR-SR40, DCR-SR40E, DCR-SR42, DCR-SR42A, DCR-SR42E, DCR-SR45 Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony DCR-SR300E, DCR-SR30E, DCR-SR32E, DCR-SR33E, DCR-SR35E, DCR-SR36E Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
Sony DCR-SR210E, DCR-SR220, DCR-SR220D, DCR-SR290E, DCR-SR300, DCR-SR300C Camcorder Battery 3900mAh
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